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MIL Membership Clasification

Membership of MIL is open to all individuals working, studying or having interest in the art and science of logistics. Through MIL, you will gain the support you need to effectively work in the broad field of logistics.

Membership comprises of individual and corporate members.



The Honorary Member of MIL is granted to individuals who have attained positions of renown in the logistics fields and industry.

:: FELLOW ::

The election of MIL Fellowship is granted to individuals who have enormous experience in a position or positions of high responsibility in the management of logistics.


Full membership is open to those individuals who hold exempting qualification (usually an approved degree) and have relevant experience in a position or positions of high responsibility in the management of logistics.


It is open to those who have relevant qualification and experience of a nature satisfactory to MIL but do not qualify to be the Full Member of MIL.


It is open to those who are interested in Logistics field but who do not qualify for or aspire to higher grades of membership.


Open to those over 18 years old who are engaged in logistics industry or those who are studying in a university/college provided obtain approval by the Chancellery.

Individual Membership Subscription Rates

Grade Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
(Renewal every 1st Jan)
Student RM 20 RM 10
Licensee RM 20 RM 30
Associate Member RM 20 RM 50
Full Member RM 20 RM 70


We are proud to offer Corporate Membership to your organisation. As a corporate member, you will open the door for new growth opportunities in an emerging global market and have a mechanism to share problems and solutions with other organization in a changing business climate. You will receive complimentary memberships for your employees and take a big step in increasing the value and professionalism of your work force. Your organization will benefit the intensive knowledge, skills, techniques and tools in logistics field through MIL Education Programmes and Training Courses.