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Customised Courses

In-House Training Programme

All standard courses, or parts or combinations thereof, can be tailored to the specific industry environment, workplace culture and particular learning needs of a client's organisation. We design and execute tailor-made, specialised and practice oriented training courses for the needs of key personnel of logistics industries. From the introduction training for newly appointed employees in the logistics field to the refresher training for the existing staffs.

We hope to provide quality training courses to our members and the public for excellent career advancement, as well as personal development.



Our lecturers or instructors are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands on  experience, thereby ensuring that our participants receive the most effective and professional skills and knowledge.


Our training modules are designed based on the latest technology, techniques and research outcome from parallel logistics institution worldwide.

Informal & Participative

Participants will benefit from brainstorming sessions through small group activities, illustrate through comprehensive exercises, case studies and visits within corporate organisations.

Profit Oriented

Each subject area is chosen for its relevance to the efficiency, effectiveness and profitability of the logistics operation throughout the total supply-chain management.


It develops structured techniques to create awareness and analysis to question existing operations, generate and develop new methods; as well as measure the benefits.



No Logistics Certificate Course Duration (Days)
1 Integrated Logistics Management 2
2 Inventory & Warehouse Management 2
3 Supply Chain Management 2
4 Transportation Management 2
5 Procurement Management 2
6 Understanding Logistics Management 2
7 Transport System & Its Importance in Logistics Network 2
8 International Shipping & Maritime Transport Management 2
9 Familiarization Course On Containerization 2
10 Managing Your Store & Warehouse Effectively & Efficiently 2
11 Import & Export Documentation & Procedures 2
12 Port Management & Operation 2
13 Maritime Transportation 2
14 Container Planning 2
15 Liquid and Gas Terminal Operation 2
16 Port Health, Safety and Environment 2
17 Dangerous Goods and Substances 2
18 Practical Course in Containerization 2
19 Packaging & Labeling 2
20 Understanding The Concept & Application of Bill of Lading 2
21 Understanding The Concept & Application of Letter of Credit 2
22 Forwarding in Malaysia 2
23 Port Authority Ordinance & Legislation in Malaysia 2
24 Custom Procedures in Malaysia 2

* If you do not find a course that meets your business needs, please contact us and we will work with you to design a tailor made workshop at no additional fee.


No Management / Personal Development Courses Duration (Days)
1 Train the Trainer 5
2 Be A Competent Workplace Trainer 5
3 Training Needs Analysis and Design 3
4 Effective Communication Skill 2
5 Effective Delegation Skill 2
6 Customer Service Excellent 2
7 Time Management 2
8 Stress Management 2
9 Call Handling 2
10 Telephone Techniques 2
11 Assertive Skill 2
12 Developing Leadership and Supervisory Skill 2
13 Handling Difficult People 2
14 Handling Employee Grievances 2
15 Communicating Across Culture 2
16 Understanding and Managing Yourself 2
17 Personal Enrichment Programme 2
18 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 2
19 Team Building 3
20 Supervisory Development Programme 2
21 Project Management 2
* If you do not find a course that meets your business needs, please contact us and we will work with you to design a tailor made workshop at no additional fee.