Secretary General 's Welcome Note

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Dear Fellow Logisticians

I would like to introduce you, the Malaysia Institute of Logistics (MIL), a professional logistics organization that was established since 1997, with the primary aim of promoting the professions of logistics. MIL has now collaborated with the Asia e University and is ready to serve Asia. As you are aware, we are facing an unprecedented global economic downturn which started as a benign housing loan issues somewhere in America that had blown up to the rest of the world.

This unprecedented economic crisis initially affected the financial sectors has now spread to the manufacturing and insurance sectors and eventually has affected the logistics organizations and service providers industries even in Asia.

In the times of challenges like this, our professions as logistician will be tested as our actions will be put into the microscope, our integrity will be questioned and our expertise will be demanded. As the world economic downturn continues, the normal supply chain landscape will be changed as some companies unable to meet the economic challenges, will collapsed. Hence, affect the spectrum of logistics functions across the board.

In the times like this, we would like to share your hope and concerned, and to encourage all fellow logisticians to be heart strong. As the way to “take the bull by its horn”, is to improve your logistics talents and core competencies by pursuing the next level of your professional skills in the knowledge value chain.

For those who have logistics competencies at diploma level, perhaps now it is time to get an Executive Bachelor or Masters Level of logistics competencies.

In providing this knowledge and education with current logistics technology, the MIL is providing various functional core competencies programs at executive diploma level up to executive masters levels. These programs will be conducted on weekends or even through „distant learning‟. Hence, you don‟t have to take leave to continue your education and acquired new logistics competencies to meet the current economic challenges.

It is crucial that at this point of time, to consider logistics education as a critical investment for you, your organization and our beloved country. Armed with logistics skills and knowledge, as one of the primary key success factors to maneuver in this economic thunderstorm, we could be successfully weathered through the economic thunderstorm without hitting the rocks.



Mior Muhamad

Secretary General MIL